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None of us is as smart as all of us.
We firmly believe that an engaged workforce is a foundation on which everything is built, especially to a business that emphasizes creativity - it is an essential core value of the company.
We are Artechmen!

sculpting & milling  service


Are you interested in 3D design and creating 3D objects?
We offer Digital Sculpting and 3D print service at our Hong Kong workshop, enabling us to print out 3D objects.
With our 3D designers to refine the scanned objects or create it from green field, any idea can become reality.


Our talented design team will turn your vision, needs, and challenges into a great design concept.
We never attempt to make your idea conform to preconceived notions. We listen and put forth all our efforts toward accomplishing the end result you want, while still accommodating any practical limitations.

Theme Park Robotic Figure


We have an engineering teams to provide engineering design and calculation with FEA simulation  analyze to ensure the design meets the specifications as well as industrial standards and requirements.

Clients can choose our optional add on services to have the report endorsed by a qualified professional engineer.


From studying through the scope for pricing submission, to drafting and updating project schedule and monitor the production milestones, our Project management team has wealth experiences to be a key communication bridge to link up several parties in both internally and externally.

機械人及 巡遊花車


With decades of experience throughout the years, our artists starts with sculpting and moldmaking, and to output the scenic shell on either hard or soft materials. And our artists of theme painter with professional art sense can replicate any scene, show-sets and intelligent properties or characters in forms of animatic figures.

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